To prolong the life of your window treatment

At DieHard Blinds, we make getting your blinds cleaned easier than ever. Our team is highly experienced and capable of restoring nearly any type, and brand of blinds to clean and beautiful condition. Whether you come to us, or need us to come to you, expect quality service at an incredible price as we help your blinds look like new again!

We offer a variety of options for getting your blinds clean, including:

Drop-off service: where you drop off dirty blinds and pick them back up, all clean again, at our location.
Full blind cleaning: that occurs right at your location (not every type of blind can be cleaned on-site).
Full-service pick-up and delivery: where we come to your location, take down your blinds, clean them at our location, and then return and re-hang them at your location.

Diehard Blind Services is the only local cleaning service that uses three different cleaning methods:

Ultrasonic Cleaning: a patented process that uses sound waves to break up and remove dirt
On-Site Dry Cleaning: a dry cleaning process that uses injection/extraction to clean many different fabrics and upholstery
Hand Cleaning & Detailing: primarily for real wood blinds and shutters
For the ultimate in customer convenience, all three methods can be performed in
our shop or at the home or business.

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Ultrasonic Cleaning

Why use Ultrasonic Cleaning for your blinds?

The most thorough type of cleaning
Removes dust, dirt, grease & grime
Removes insect stains, and bacteria As well as odors from cooking, pets and cigarettes
Also removes mould and dustmites
Even the cords are deeply, ultrasonically cleaned.

Make your blinds look like new today!

Injection Extraction cleaning

This type of cleaning injects a cleaning solution into the fabric and extracts the dirty solution in the same motion. It is a very effective way to deep clean your window treatments. The service is typically performed in the home so there is no need to remove your window treatments. A dry method is available and recommended for certain fabrics.

Hand Cleaning & Detailing

Hand Cleaning & Detailing - primarily for real wood blinds and shutters. We hand detail each wood blind slat one at a time. Then we hand polish the blind to make it shine! Real Wood Blinds can get dirty and they are hard to clean by hand. That's why our hand detailing Cleaning is perfect for you! We'll get your Real Woods 100% Clean, without the risk of damaging them.

Regular cleaning by a competent professional will extend the life and enjoyment of your fine window treatments. Over time the fabrics will accumulate airborne pollutants, dust, candle soot and grime that dull its appearance. Neglected spots may set into permanent stains. An amazing amount of dirt can be removed from even "white" products that "don't look like they need cleaning".

Proper handling and professional cleaning techniques are important in protecting the investment you've made in your shades. Cleaning prevents premature replacement.

DieHard Blinds uses only the highest quality cleaning products that are 100% environmentally safe. We also take pride in the fact that by maintaining the cleanliness and repair of window treatments, the life of the product can be doubled or tripled. This keeps extra waste out of our landfills and makes recycling or replacing unnecessary.